Political Participation

We support political participation of women in all their diversity, collective and individual leaderships, empowerment and decision-making, prioritising the social sectors that are most disadvantaged to build and assert their demands.

Economic Justice

We support organisational processes aimed at the defence and promotion of labour rights, as well as the construction of economic models that would enhance autonomy, the value of care and the social rights of women in all their diversity.

Eradication of Violences and Discriminations

We support strategies and actions of women in all their diversity, aimed at guaranteeing personal integrity and autonomy in making decisions about their lives.

Socio-environmental and Urban Justice

We support actions to protect territories, the right to the city, and the adaptation and mitigation of climate change for the construction and strengthening of sustainable and healthy ways of life for women in all their diversity and their communities.



Other ways to support us

If you are interested in making a donation, partnership or promotion from your company, or if you organise activities and want to contribute to FMS fundraising, please write to us at donantes@mujeresdelsur.org