Your donation transforms women’s reality their communities’!

Why is it important to donate?

Your Donation Brings About Transformations

We want your commitment to work in favour of social transformation, so as to strengthen and maximise the work done by women’s and LBTIQ+ people’s organisations, in their struggle for fairer and equal societies.

Making a Donation is Easy and Safe

The FMS puts simple, fast and safe donation tools at your disposal. We ensure the absolute confidentiality of the information you disclose.

We Stay in Touch

For us, it is especially important to both share our achievements and challenges and make our communication networks stronger. Our donors receive periodic information about the FMS and are paid careful attention via telephone or email.

At Fondo de Mujeres del Sur, we adopt a FEMINIST PHILANTHROPY perspective, a concept which is under constant construction on the part of women’s funds, and which is key to the sustainability of women’s and LBTIQ+ people’s movements and their being able to play an active role in bringing about the transformation necessary for equal societies and with gender justice, where it is possible to live free from discrimination and violence.