Together, Stronger and Alive: Learn more about the organisations we support

Learn more about the organisations we support in the new videos about the Together, Stronger and Alive campaign. Join us in strengthening feminist networks!


Feminist networks actively build the world we want to live in. A world in which women, with diverse identities and sexualities, enjoy the full exercise of their human rights, they can defend themselves and fulfil their well-being.

Together, Stronger and Alive is our fundraising campaign that seeks to give visibility to the importance of supporting networks of women, diverse identities and sexualities as a vital strategy for the eradication of violence. To help sustain such networks, for several years Fondo de Mujeres del Sur (FMS) has promoted strategies to generate a culture of citizen donations.

In Argentina, between September and December, more than 200 people joined our donor community through the direct dialogue campaigns that we carried out in the city of Buenos Aires. Internationally, the campaign brought together more than 60 donors from different countries such as Australia, Canada, the United States, Spain and England.

With a small monthly donation, you can be part of a community that supports feminist networks, their strengthening and permanence where they work, and thus contribute to guaranteeing lives free of violence and discrimination.

Join us in strengthening these networks! If you are in Argentina, you can donate through this website.  If you are in Paraguay, Uruguay or another country, you can donate here.

Watch all the campaign videos.