Strengthening feminist networks in Paraguay

On Saturday, May 28, we met with 27 organisations supported in Paraguay through the following programmes: Leading from the South; Networks and Alliances Free of Violence; Our Rights, Our Pride; Fundamentally Feminists and We Want Us Alive.


It was the first time for these organisations of young, urban, peasant, trans, indigenous women, artists and social communicators to meet to discuss possible collaborations, establish feminist alliances and build spaces for dialogue across the different activisms.

They shared about the different projects they carried out with FMS support and the strategies that the groups use to promote their activism (advocacy, community articulation, communication).

This highlighted the democratic contributions and the construction of egalitarian societies made by the various feminisms, in each territory: grass roots, indigenous, peasant feminism; the activism of trans women, of women from marginalised urban sectors; young feminism, university feminism, and the support of allied journalists, social communicators and artists as key tools to raise awareness and visibility in a broader way, to promote cultural transformation.

They also agreed on the diagnosis of the main obstacles they encounter in their work (political, communication, training and management) and highlighted the need to strengthen networks and deepen self-care and collective care strategies.

Organisations from Encarnación, San Pedro, Asunción and from the Central, Canindeyú and Alto Paraná departments in Paraguay attended. We hope this meeting will be the seed of many alliances and articulations to come!