Reinforcing feminist care networks: Multi Programme gathering in Argentina

More than 150 activists from all over the country came together with part of the FMS Board of Directors and Executive Team for two days in the mountains around Córdoba. The activists were from organisations supported by FMS through the following programmes: Networks and Alliances Free from Violence – REDAL, Fundamentally Feminists, Strengthening Women Environmental Defenders, Economic Justice, We Want Us Alive, Our Rights, Our Pride and Leading from the South.

Convinced that feminisms are reinforced through dialogue and intersectionality, FMS is committed to creating opportunities to come together for organisations that not only live in very different contexts, but also work on very diverse issues: political parity, defending common goods, prevention and eradication of different forms of violence, economic autonomy of diverse women, identities and sexualities, disability and access to sexual and (non) reproductive rights, among many others.

The agenda for the gathering revolved around care in order to build and exchange collective and individual strategies aimed at the sustainability of activism. Considering the wear and tear experienced due to adverse contexts, we discussed what it means to care for others, to take care of ourselves, how to make care political again, how strengthening the networks of care, strengthens and reinforces our struggles.

In group workshops, work was done based on three strategies used by the organisations for their actions: advocacy, communication and providing support. Later, lessons learned, challenges and tools were shared.

Coming together for this gathering challenged us to continue establishing networks to oppose the fragmentation and fragility produced by patriarchy and its intersections. We will continue to work together to build collective, loving and feminist power as well as to reinforce our care networks.