Outdoor FMS: Strengthening Our Staff

On April 17 and 18, the Executive Staff of Fondo de Mujeres del Sur, composed of 20 members, travelled to the town of La Granja in Cordoba, in order to participate in a workshop for strengthening teams (Outdoor) oriented to the integration and organisational development. The workshop "Working Together" was facilitated by Coach Marcelo Diez, from Business Consultants.

During a day and a half of work in the open air, various experiential exercises and permanent reflection were carried out, which allowed the members of the FMS to address various competencies for a comprehensive understanding of human relations in the organisation and the importance of communication and teamwork.

Through a participatory methodology and constant feedback, an attempt was made to awaken deep reflections on the everyday life in Fondo de Mujeres del Sur, and the ways in which it carries out its important mission for women and girls in the region.

Confidence and integration, perception and reality, change dilemma, interpersonal communication, leadership and team dynamics, were the main topics worked on.

Finally, we worked in an integral way with the organisation's mission, its strategies and the obstacles to carry out its actions. In its ten years of existence, and as a result of the FMS' exponential growth in the last two years, this was the first Outdoor carried out for the executive team as a whole. It was a very enriching activity for all its members that led to deep learning both personally and collectively.

We know that our work in the FMS is highly demanding and it takes a great part of our life; that is why we believe that the way to be permanently motivated with what we do is to believe in our mission, and love our task in the world.

Luz Aquilante, Executive Director.