Our Staff Is Growing

Equipo ejecutivo

To accompany the development of new projects, Roxana Turitich and Kelda Vera joined in our staff in Paraguay; and Gabriela Romanutti, in Uruguay. Rocío Alonso also joined as Local Resources Manager of the FMS.

Roxana Turitich is an administrator and has more than 15 years of professional experience. Since January 2017, she has worked as Administrative Officer of Fondo de Mujeres del Sur, in the office of Paraguay. From there she is responsible for the management and accounting, and of the administrative coordination of FMS Paraguay. She is also in charge of monitoring of the financial management of the programmes and projects carried out by the FMS.

Kelda Vera is a specialist in Political Science and Sociology. In January 2018, she joined the Environmental Defenders Programme in Paraguay as Coordinator.

Gabriela Romanutti is a Social Worker specializing in equality and gender policies; she is part of the technical team of the Advisory Division for Gender Equality of Montevideo. She is responsible for the area of ​​participation and empowerment of women. Gabriela joined the FMS as Coordinator of the FMS in Uruguay in March 2018.

Rocío Alonso joined in June 2018 as Head of Local Resources. Rocío has a degree in Economics from the University of Córdoba, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Anthropology at the same university. In addition, it specializes in the current of thought of Feminist Economics, appealing to the invisibility in all planes of gender asymmetries and how these are directly linked to the economy and to the spaces of organisation and daily experiences.