Programa Mujeres en Alta Voz

The Women Out Loud programme (implemented in Paraguay since 2018) seeks to promote the social and political participation and advocacy of indigenous, rural, or marginalised urban women in the different state and community decision-making realms, thus strengthening the development of capacities and technologies to that goal. 

At present, Paraguay is one of the countries in the sub region with the least political participation of women (they occupy less than 20% of elected positions) and, despite there being 19 indigenous peoples in the country, their representation in national or local political spheres is very limited. 

Through this programme, support is provided to organisations made up of women who are indigenous, peasant or come from marginalised urban sectors and who seek to foster their political leadership capacities while increasing their decision-making participation. These are organisations that also want to strengthen their dialogue with authorities, so as to have an impact on the development of public and legislative policies, which guarantee the extension and exercise of their rights.