We Want Us Alive

We Want Us Alive. Funding Feminist Core Strategies towards Women ́s Bodily Autonomy in Argentina

Through this programme, FMS seeks to strengthen the historical fight women have battled in favour of sexual and reproductive and non-reproductive rights, giving financial support and technical assistance to organisations that carry out initiatives that promote those rights and demand its effective fulfilment.

We believe autonomy over our bodies is a fundamental right, without it gender equality and lives free of violences can’t be fulfilled.

We support national networks, pioneer and emerging women rights organisations, established feminist organisations, grass root organisations from 15 provinces of Argentina. We prioritise those working in conservative regions, where religious fundamentalist movements are more deeply rooted, as well as the joint work of key women actors in communities at a more disadvantageous socio-economic, geographical and cultural situation, together with indigenous, young, peasant and rural women leaders and women leaders from popular urban sectors.