Programa Redes y Alianzas libres de Violencias

Networks and Alliances Free from Violence (REDAL by its acronym in Spanish) is focused on the prevention of violence against women, through a two-fold strategy: the support of both women defenders in the front line and women’s organisations made up of diverse identities.
The support to women defenders in the front line seeks to strengthen the work done by organisations that come into direct contact with violence cases and provide support and counsel. These organisations often work under pressure and with very few resources, despite the fact that their role is key for women’s wellbeing.

With the support of diverse women, we aim at strengthening this work in connection with the violence suffered by migrants, black and afro-descendant, indigenous, young, lesbians, rural and peasant women, women living with HIV/AIDS, women or from marginalised urban sectors.

Due to their sexual, cultural or racial identity or because of their socioeconomic situation, women face multiple s discriminations and exposure to different forms of violence in all realms of life. This is why, from FMS, we want their organisations to access the financial and technical resources that help them face this violence.

With this initiative, we want to contribute to the eradication of all types and forms of violence against women and girls, promoting respect for their autonomy and decision-making over their own bodies.

REDAL is the oldest programme at FMS. It has been applied since the start of the FMS and it represents the essence of what we want to be: a fund that supports the grass roots of women’s and feminist movements in the countries where we work.