Through the Fundamentally Feminists programme, Fondo de Mujeres del Sur supports organisations that contribute to creating, strengthening and fostering new narratives that amplify the messages and voices of diverse women, identities and sexualities, as well as other strategies that contribute to the defence of human rights and inclusive democracies.

The programme aims to strengthen collective efforts and positive points of view, which respond to attacks against democracy and human rights, and enable increasingly more inclusive, free and equitable contexts, with the expansion of rights for diverse women, identities and sexualities. It also seeks to strengthen current efforts in favour of the right of women and people with the capacity to gestate to make decisions about their bodies and their lives.

Fundamentally Feminists is a powerful initiative due to its timely and urgent nature as well as its transformative potential. It is part of the global initiative On the Right Track, which brings together Latin American and European Women’s Funds.