Through its Economic Justice programme, Fondo de Mujeres del Sur provides financial, technical and political support to grass roots and intermediate sized organisations in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay that work on actions to further economic justice for women in all their diversity.

Implemented in alliance with Fondo Alquimia (Chile), the programme seeks to promote different perspectives of the economy in four countries of the Southern Cone with an emphasis on household, solidarity and feminist economies, as well as furthering the care agenda.

We mainly support organisations made up of diverse women, identities and sexualities from urban, rural, peasant, indigenous, black and Afro-descendant, youth, lesbian, trans and bisexual sectors, as well as workers from highly precarious sectors.

We also support union organisations that mainstream gender agendas in union movements in the three countries; processes related to work cooperatives, neighbourhood markets, among other transformative initiatives.

Fondo de Mujeres del Sur, in coordination with Fondo Alquimia, seeks with this initiative to advance feminist activism to amplify the voices of diverse women, identities and sexualities in the world of work, as well as foster grass roots, solidarity alternatives that put the sustainability of life at the centre of the agenda.