One Drop at a Time to Continue Transforming Realities

Since we started the campaign "We are Water" in 2017, it is surpassing each month. Only in May 2018, 104 new people joined our individual donor base with their commitment to join us. In addition, since were launched the campaign in March of this year, we reached 176 members who accompany us with their contribution so that we can continue to support women who defend their right to safe water.

To achieve this, we have developed different fundraising strategies this year with the aim of continuing to grow, exploring new horizons from creativity and seeking to generate dialogue with an increasingly wider public. In this sense, for the Direct Dialogue campaign on public roads, we added actions in events and telephone campaigns (two-steps).

Currently, our permanent campaign has its epicentre in the city of Buenos Aires, with the aim of taking advantage of the diversity of people who walk the main streets daily, thus attracting donors from all the cities near Buenos Aires and other cities and provinces, such as Santa Fe.

In addition, our team developed two special actions in the city of Cordoba: the Women's Marathon in March, and the photographic exhibition "Miradas de Mujeres" in May. Both took place within the framework of the celebrations for the 10 years of the FMS.


On March 18, 2018, in the Sarmiento Park of the city of Cordoba, the Women's Marathon was run in partnership with the Municipality of Cordoba. Dozens of women ran 10 kilometres with the T-shirt of the FMS to help transform the realities of the women of the American Chaco, who walk up to 10km a day in search of safe water to provide for their families.



In order to continue this journey, and taking what has been learned to enhance the impact of the contributions that so many people make to the Fondo de Mujeres del Sur, we set ourselves the goal of taking our campaigns to other provinces, and explore other cities in Argentina, in search of more people who join to our cause.

That is why we are working every day in a process of strategies that seek mainly to generate a transparent link between the FMS and all its donors, the current and potential ones. The more active, involved and aware our donors are, the more possibilities we have of generating a real transformation.

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Let's continue transforming realities, one drop at a time.