eloísa oliva

Institutional Communication Head

Contact: eoliva@mujeresdelsur.org

Eloísa Oliva has a degree in Social Communication from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (National University of Córdoba). She also studied Film and TV at the Centro de Investigación y Experimentación en Cine y TV (Centre for Research and Experimentation in Film and TV) in Buenos Aires and she has a Diploma in Creative Writing from the Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero (National University Tres de Febrero).

Eloísa is a feminist writer and journalist who has professional experience producing and editing content for graphic and audiovisual media, as well as working as a cultural manager and programmer. She was part of the activist collective called Ni una menos in Córdoba city. She joined Fondo de Mujeres del Sur in 2018 as Institutional Communication Head.