eloísa oliva

Institutional Communication Head

Contacto: eoliva@mujeresdelsur.org

Eloísa Oliva is the Institutional Communication Head since 2018. She has a university degree in social communication from National University of Córdoba (UNC). She also did cinema and television studies at Cinema and TV Research and Experimentation Centre (Cievyc, by its acronym in Spanish), in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a journalist and a writer, who has professional experience producing content both for graphic and audiovisual media, and as a cultural manager and programmer.

She was a member of the Institutional Communication Undersecretary Office, at National University of Córdoba (2012 -2018). During this period, she produced cultural and educational television, tackling different issues related to identity and university life, while she also worked as a journalist at UNCiencia (Science UNC), a public communication agency dealing with matters related to science, the arts and technology at UNC. As a journalist at UNCiencia, she focused particularly on topics connected to such matters as gender, the arts and social and human sciences, from a human rights perspective.

She has worked as a cultural journalist and reporter in several publications from Argentina (Revista Deodoro, Revista Ñ, Ciudad X, Número cero, La Central). In the academic field, she was an assistant professor to the Esthetic Movements and Argentinean Culture chair, from the School of Communication Sciences at UNC, and she also was a member of the Contemporary Gender Semiotics chair, from the School of Communication Sciences at University of Buenos Aires (UBA by its acronym in Spanish).

In October 2017, she received a grant from The Arts National Fund. She took part in the formation of the activist collective Ni una menos (Not one [woman] less) in the city of Córdoba.