Carmen Colazo

board member

Carmen Colazo is a feminist academic and militant with an impressive work record in the realm of women’s rights in Argentina and Paraguay. She has an MA degree in sociology, from Universidad de Catalunya; she is a lawyer and holds a BA degree in information sciences from National University of Córdoba (UNC for its acronym in Spanish).

In 1993, she became the first education director from the Woman Secretariat from the Republic of Paraguay presidency. She was the first woman to hold a position at a ministerial level. She has, until today, worked as a consultant for this institution. 

Her work as a consultant for the Social and Gender Equity Commission at the Lower House of Congress in Paraguay stands out among other jobs in her career path. In addition, she created the diploma in human development with a focus on gender and human rights at UNC and the Master’s degree in gender and development at Universidad Nacional de Asunción, Paraguay. At present, she is the director of Red Mujeres, Géneros y Desarrollo con Equidad  (RIF GED) from Colegio de las Américas (COLAM for its Spanish acronym), Organización Universitaria Interamericana (OUI for its Spanish acronym). She is also a member of the clusters of experts in Gender Mainstreaming and Programme Assessment of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). 

In 2013, at the time of the university’s 400th-anniversary celebrations, the UNC authorities named Ms. Colazo distinguished graduate, due to her work in the realm of gender in the region.

In the XXI century, there has arrived a time to review “moral” conceptions in the area of gender. Listening to the voices who have not had a say in history and stressing what they feel, what they understand, what they need. It is important to learn what women are saying in the public/private sphere, which is now built with their presence, what they are saying about their own bodies, the appropriations of which they have been object, their rights to education, work, political participation, economic freedom.

Carmen Colazo for Página/12 newspaper.