Carmen Beramendi

Board Member

Carmen Beramendi (Uruguay) holds a university degree in Psychomotricity. She has done postgraduate courses in Gender-based Violence, Gender; Development and Planning; Gender, Society and Politics; and Organisational Management. 

She was a national representative, promoting several initiatives in favour of women’s rights, and she was a founding member of Comisión Interparlamentaria de Mujeres (Women’s Interparliamentary Commission). She was a member of the NGO called Mujer Ahora and was also the coordinator of Red Uruguaya contra la Violencia Doméstica y Sexual . She was also the co-author of Primer Plan Nacional de Lucha contra la Violencia Doméstica (First National Plan Against Domestic Violence); she was the director of Instituto Nacional de las Mujeres del Uruguay (Women’s National Institute of Uruguay) and the person responsible for the design and implementation of Primer Plan Nacional de Igualdad de Oportunidades y Derechos en Uruguay (Uruguay’s First National Plan for Equal Opportunities and Rights). Currently, she is a professor, researcher and academic coordinator of Diplomado Superior en Género y Políticas de Igualdad (higher degree in gender and equity politics) from FLACSO Uruguay. She has been the director of FLACSO Uruguay since March 2013.

The visibility of the discrimination that women endure in our country and the inequalities turned into public agenda were the result of the fight o struggle of women’s organisations, which, with a lot of creativity, generated a true “extreme initiative” model, which influenced political actors.  

Carmen Beramendi in "Experiencia en la construcción de políticas de género en Uruguay (2005-2010)" (Experience in the formulation of gender policies in Uruguay). un verdadero modelo de "iniciativa extrema" que incidió en los actores políticos.