Alicia Soldevila


Alicia Soldevila holds a university degree in Social Work from National University of Córdoba (UNC by its Spanish initials).She is also a professor and researcher at the School of Social Sciences (FCS by its Spanish initials). 

Since 1996, she has taken part in research teams in social issues with a gender perspective and, since 2010, she is the director of a research group dealing with issues related to gender violence among university students, which broadened its scope, in 2018, to the field of public health (FCS UNC y Área de Feminismos, Género y Sexualidades-FemGeS del Centro de Investigaciones de la Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades UNC) (FCS, UNC, and Area of Feminisms, Gender and Sexualities-FemGeS, as part of the Research Centre of the School of Philosophy and Humanities, UNC). 

From 1985 to 2005, she was a member of the work team with women from popular sectors, with a feminist and popular education perspective, at the NGO Servicio a la Acción Popular – SeAP (Service to Popular Action). As representative of SeAp, she took part in Mesa de Mujeres de la Red Nacional Confluencia (Confluencia National Network Women Table). 

She is an undergraduate and postgraduate professor of topics connected to gender violence and in intervention proposals with a feminist gender approach, formulated by FCS UNC, related to public policies, organisations and social networks. In addition, she has published articles and books on this field of studies and intervention. 

She is a professor in charge of the postgraduate course “Violencia de género desde un enfoque interdisciplinario: de las palabras a los hechos” (Gender violence from an interdisciplinary approach: from words to action), offered to professionals from the legal, social, psychological, medical and psychiatric fields. This course was created after an agreement between the FCS UNC and the Oficina de la Mujer del Centro de Perfeccionamiento Ricardo C. Núñez del Poder Judicial from the province of Córdoba (Woman Office at Ricardo C. Núñez Training Centre from the Córdoba Province Judiciary).